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Welcome to our brand new website made possible by the kind and generous grant from the R C Sherriff Trust, which continues to support The Vera Fletcher Hall's programme of theatre.

The Vera Fletcher Hall remains open on a very limited basis for some of the regular classes (please see Classes page for details) but the theatre side of operations is not yet able to reopen. We long to restart our seasons of entertainment and as soon as we are able so we will post information here, on our socials and via the e-newsletter. (You are able to sign up for that here).

Looking forward to welcoming you back as soon as things return to normal.



SPORT4STARS classes are ball skills and movement classes for pre-school children. We use a variety of equipment including large and small balls, hoops, scarves, balloons and beanbags.


This is a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength and yoga postures. It is set to music and the aim is to improve strength and flexibility whilst also calming the mind and relaxing the bod

Zumba Dance Class

Pop in to any class to help you to get fit and have fun in a warm, friendly atmosphere.


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